It’s a book!

And together, you and I are co-authors.

What goes into the Real Meal Planner:

  • 1 part life coach
  • 1 part environmental awareness
  • 1 part home economics curriculum
  • 1 part time management
  • 1/2 part comedy routine

Gently stir together.

Adjust seasonings as needed.

Best served in a large bowl of curiosity and gratitude.


Where it all started

Twenty years ago, I made two handwritten cookbooks for two friends. One was a going away gift. The other a wedding gift. The recipes inside were meals we had shared together, appetizers we ate at Super Bowl parties, cakes eaten at the office birthday party. I included notes about when we shared those recipes, inside jokes about the office, and the usual helpful hints on making the recipes. I loved making those cookbooks. I loved the idea of sending them off with a concrete way to remember our times together.

I don’t know what’s happened to those cookbooks. I can’t tell you what recipes are inside. But I think that was the start of the Real Meal Planner.

The Real Meal Planner is 20 years’ of information shared with friends. I guess that makes you a friend, too.

Over the years, I have cooked for food allergies (my own and others), special dietary restrictions (friends following the latest eating plan), picky children, not picky children, friends, co-workers, neighbors celebrating, neighbors grieving.

Sharing a meal is special.

But preparing a meal can be stressful. That’s where the planning comes in.

The Real Meal Planner does not mandate what you should be eating. I’m not here to judge your food choices. I’d like to help you make your food choices easy to manage with all the other choices you have to make in life.

I am on a mission to reduce food waste and spread the life skill of cooking. A portion of profits is donated quarterly to charitable organizations that empower people to feed themselves.