Four young women were talking about food waste with their graduate advisor. They knew the statistics that worldwide almost 30% of all edible food is wasted. They were rightly appalled. And a bit pessimistic.

They just didn’t see how you could get people to change their habit of tossing excess food.

Their graduate advisor showed them my meal planner. And while they thought it was a nice idea, they were still unsure. Until they started to look inside.

The goal of “reducing food waste” is lofty and requires action from grocery stores, producers, and a bunch of other people that are not you and me.

“Take leftovers for lunch” however, happens right in the privacy our own homes. No government mandate needed.

I agree with these young women that changing people is hard.

So I’m changing myself and my habits.

I’m sharing with you the changes I’m making.

I hope to inspire you to make some changes too. And someone may be watching you and getting over by you’re actions.

So people can indeed change. The question is, are you one of those people willing to change your own food habits?