The Real Meal Planner is on a mission to save you and save the planet.

Save time.

Save money.

Save your sanity.

You have to eat. 

          Why not make a plan for it?


The Real Meal Planner offers you a structure to satisfy your culinary desires without adding to your busy schedule.


Are you in charge of the care and feeding of yourself and others? Then write your menu and set your hours.

Benefits from meal planning include:

  • Reduced stress by reducing decision-making

  • Money saved by not wasting food or eating out excessively

  • Time saved by only asking “what’s for dinner?” once a week (or even once a month)

  • Increased health by being in charge of what you eat

  • More fun in life

Got Goals? Write ’em down.

Want to reach a goal?           Write it down. Sound too easy? Maybe. Do you prefer pithy quotes? Then try this one:A goal without a plan is just a wish.  - Antoine de Saint-ExuperyIt’s now February. How are your New Year’s resolutions looking? What were...

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Meal Planning for One

One of the nice things about planning your meals in advance is that you are in control - not your stomach. The mission here is to work your eating schedule into your life schedule. Meal planning is a gift that you give your future self. Yes, there is still plenty of...

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Want to save the planet? Plan your meals.

As much as one-third of all edible food on the planet gets thrown away. One-third!!I grew up in the “clean your plate” era. I got the “there are starving children in Africa” line. I never knew how my eating boiled brussels sprouts was going to help someone...

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Food IS emotional. And it’s OK!

Subject: Food IS emotional! And it’s OK. :)Greetings, Friend!  I've been flipping through my recipe book, deciding what I'll take to gatherings this holiday season. I have an old 3-ring binder stuffed with plastic page-protectors containing print-outs,...

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New Year, Old Recipes

The promise of the New Year is so alluring. It’s that promise of wishes yet to be fulfilled that has us making resolutions.If you have your own copy of the Real Meal Planner, you also know the promise of a new planner. What promises are lurking in your...

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